The Art & Buisness of Photography

There's a miss conception between hiring a Photographer & Renting a Camera!

I've been in this business for quite a while now and what i've learned is to (Meet the clients expectations)

Simple you think?!

Well, for you to meet your client's expectations you both must be on the same page, same goals and same direction, it requires you (the photographer) to communicate, agree to performed services and agree on the final result, now your job as a photographer to make it clear that:

When a client hires a photographer, they hire the photographer’s artistry as well

That's the fine line, that's what differentiate you from other photographers, and that's why you are getting hired...your Artistry, Your Style, Your Vision.

Making this clear can reduce tons of arguments, negotiations and disappointments...

A client has the full and complete right to have his wishes met, But! through the photographer's eye....

Candid / Street Photography in Manhattan

Coming to Manhattan, New York, My Husband & I had few plans to explore and enjoy our passion for photography in a very different/opposite culture to ours, Trying something new was on top of my list and so! i've gone on a photowalk with Photobaws through Manhattan & it was quite the experience!

As a Studio photographer, i am very familiar with guiding people, helping them find there best look, molding them to the emotions and expressions needed for the sake of the session's art direction and purpose, 

But this is something els! i was definitely out of my comfort zone! and i needed that, this experience proved that challenging yourself is what gets you going, charges your creativity and wider your horizons,

“Seeing is not enough; you have to feel what you photograph”
— Andre Kertesz

I must say it is more complicated, yet a simpler than i expected it to be,

most importantly understanding the subject you are shooting, not just some random street photos, the purpose behind it is key, observing, then framing, then's allot like hunting, for an organic & raw cases people in their own zones doing their own things,

I have certainly enjoyed this experience & definitely will try it again. 


Iphonography : Istanbul Panorama

No Doubt that that Iphone's camera is a significant one!
With every software update there's more options to go artistic with,
Take the Panorama Feature for example, it's the simplest technique! with the most creative & artistic results.
Am Sharing with you now few Panorama Photos taken at Istanbul - October 2012

 Top Kapi Sarai

Hagia Aya Sofia

Hagia Aya Sofia

She Bop A Lula exhibition

She Bop A Lula is an Exhibition show casing 70 photographs of significant & powerful female signers
It will include Candid, Behind the scenes & Styled Portraits
The exhibition is held at the Dimbola Lodge - UK - 7th June 2013

Christina Aguilera by Amelia Troubridge

Billie Holiday by Beryl Bryden

This Event is a MUST! if you're in UK Don't miss it ;)

Girl power with She Bop A Lula exhibition