The Art & Buisness of Photography

There's a miss conception between hiring a Photographer & Renting a Camera!

I've been in this business for quite a while now and what i've learned is to (Meet the clients expectations)

Simple you think?!

Well, for you to meet your client's expectations you both must be on the same page, same goals and same direction, it requires you (the photographer) to communicate, agree to performed services and agree on the final result, now your job as a photographer to make it clear that:

When a client hires a photographer, they hire the photographer’s artistry as well

That's the fine line, that's what differentiate you from other photographers, and that's why you are getting hired...your Artistry, Your Style, Your Vision.

Making this clear can reduce tons of arguments, negotiations and disappointments...

A client has the full and complete right to have his wishes met, But! through the photographer's eye....